Labelling your Private Label items.

You want your brand to stand out from the competition. Not only is a quality label important for selling your products, its also vital for communicating with the customer your company's image, values and increasing the perceived value of your brands products.  A high-quality label can help set you apart from other brands.

Your Brand Your Design!

As you look to develop your brand you have full control of the look and feel of the branding. You have options:

  1. We send you Adobe Illustrator templates that fit our stocked bottles and you design your own labels. 
  2. You hire us and our Graphic Design service to develop your labels. 

Label Options

At First Element we have a couple options when it comes to labels. We can provide a turnkey product and apply the labels to the products, or you can finish the items yourself. We highly recommend the third option and upgrading to our high quality labels to help stand apart. 

Here are a few options regarding labels;

  1. No labels. We ship blank items for you to look after labelling. 
  2. You look after labels and ship them to us. We use them to label the products and store the extra labels for re-orders.
  3. Our in-house Starter Labels. An affordable label option to get a brand started. These labels are printed as needed per order on a xerox. 
  4. High End Labels. Vinyl Gloss with a matte lamination and/or Foil Label with a matte lamination. We use an outsourced printer for these. Once labels are ordered this step usually takes 5-8 business days for us to get the labels in our hands. Ask us about pricing. 

The high end labels are highly recommended and are the ideal label option for the Professional. These labels are the best on the market and help provide a polished look. These are the same labels as our products. They're a high quality label and water and oil resistant. The matte finish on the gloss vinyl gives a nice finish that will help your brand stand out from others. The matte finish also allows the product to photograph well. If you are interested in other label options, please don’t hesitate to ask as our supplier has other options like foil and/or gloss.

Graphic Design Services

We offer a Graphic Design service for those that need assistance in designing their own labels. To help keep our time down in the development of your labels. We ask that each client fill out a Label Questionnaire and provide as much detail as possible and samples. 



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