FAQ's - Private Label Program

What is the first step on Private Label Beard Care or Tattoo Aftercare? Test our products! Once you test the products and like them, you'll be more invested to push and sell the products! You need to love the product to push sales! 

What is the minimum order quantity? We deal with lower minimum orders to help barbershop and small businesses start up. Details for each product will be listed on the information sheets supplied when you enquire. 

Can I break up the Minimum order with multiple scents? Yes, only if you are buying our stocked formulations and have labels. Limitations based on the order quantity. Enquire for more details. 

Can I use my own logo? Yes, of course! With Private Label we make our product and apply your branding! 

Do you supply a Graphic Design Service for label creation? Yes, we do help with the creation of labels and other graphic design services. Please inquire. 

Do you supply labels? Yes, we can supply labels for your products. If your design is outside our basic label requirements an additional fee may be required, please inquire for custom die-cut labels that are different from our standard sizes. Pricing depends on the quantity ordered. Learn more about Labels.

Can I design my own label? Yes, we would supply you with a template that we created in Adobe Illustrator. If you need assistance with label design, we can help with that too. Please inquire. 

What needs to be added to the labels? All labels must abide by your countries regulations. Labels in Canada must have English and French.

  • Product Title (Beard Oil with the scent)
  • Net Qty of the product
  • How to use instructions
  • Ingredients in INCI format
  • Any special instructions or cautions of use
  • Origin of the product (Made in Canada)
  • Company information (contacts)

Can I substitute an ingredient within your Stocked Formulations? Yes, you may substitute an ingredient. Although, we then classify this as a custom product and the minimum orders will be higher as we will not be able to stock the product for other clients. 

I have my own formulations, can you produce them for us? Yes of course. We would first start with a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Once that is completed we would then take your formulation and build out a costing analysis. Once approved, we would make samples for approval. There will be a custom formulation charge associated to cover costs of new ingredients and samples. These costs will be determined based on the formulations. Enquire today! 

What is our ETA on Private Label orders? All Private Label orders over the minimum orders are made FRESH AS ORDERED. Please allow 3 to 15 business days for all private label orders to be completed. If your order requires more than the allotted 7 to 15 days, you will be contacted when the order is placed to discuss the ETA. All Orders around the Minimum order will take 1-7 business days. 

Do you offer special box packaging? We do not supply outer packaging options for the items. However, we will will work with you in sourcing the best options for your brand. Additional charges may be added for additional labour. 

How do you pack Beard Oil Bottles? We understand the importance of protecting your product from being broken in transit. All our Beard Oils are packaged in bubble wrapped bags. 

Do you ship directly to Amazon? Yes, no worries - we are familiar with the process. We apply Amazon barcodes to the outside of each individual product. 

Product Photography services available! First Element has the ability to take some attractive photos with a bright white background. White background shots only. $20 a photo - special pricing for higher quantities, please inquire. For Nature related photos, the cost would be determined based on the requirements and travel. 

How do I place an order for Private Label products? As of now, we accept email orders. Companies can submit their Purchase Orders to us, or if you don't use PO's a simple email detailing the order will suffice.  

How do I pay for a Private Label Order? Once an order is accepted via email we will make an invoice in our online Quickbooks. An invoice will be sent to your accounts email from our Intuit Quickbooks account. This invoice can be paid online using a credit card. Quickbooks accepts MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and Apple Pay. If you require American Express, we can accept payment via PayPal.

Do you require a deposit for orders? We only require a deposit for orders that are larger than the minimum. Orders for labels are required to be paid in full before the labels are printed.  

Do you accept Wire Transfers for Payments? Yes, this is actually preferred when working with larger orders. Orders over $5000 are preferred to be paid via wire transfer. Orders over this amount and paid via credit card will be subject to a 1.5% surcharge.

Do you accept E-Transfers? Yes Canadian clients can also send E-transfers for all orders. 

Please feel free to contact us for more information. We look forward to hearing from you and helping you get your brand to the next level. Contact us here. 

Extend your brand awareness by selling products with your brand and logo today!

We aim to be your one stop shop when it comes to the private label products as we’ll fully finish and pack the product for your end users. Meaning that we will label and pack your items and ship direct to your fulfillment center.

Private Label Tattoo Aftercare

Own your own Tattoo Parlour and want to sell your own aftercare products? Earn more profits by selling your own brand.

Private Label PROCESS: GETTING STARTED with First Element in 3 easy steps!

We know and understand that the process of starting a new brand can be daunting! That's why we have created an easy process and we will always do our best to accommodate any special requests you may have.

Whether you’re starting a new brand to sell on Amazon or a Barbershop looking to sell your own brand, First Element will help you get off the ground!

STEP 1 – Inquiry & Sampling

If you’re interested in starting your own brand, inquire today! Order samples and start testing our products today! We want you to be satisfied with our product!  

STEP 2 – Branding & Packaging

After you've tested the product, your next step is to decide on the branding and direction of your product line. Do you need assistance developing your brand? We can assist you in the label development. You may want to use our labelling structure and apply your logo to it, or we can assist with creating a new label. 

Inquire about Labelling and Graphic Design Services.

STEP 3 – Order & Production

Once you’re ready to begin your Private Label Brand, place your order via Purchase Order or direct email. We’ll confirm the order and begin manufacturing. All orders are made fresh upon order. General turnaround time for orders is 7-14 business days. Inquire for production deposit fees.

Frequently Ask Questions regarding Private Label.


You want your brand to stand out from the competition. Not only is a quality label important for selling your products, its also vital for communicating with the customer your company's image, values and increasing the perceived value of your brands products. A high-quality label can help set you apart from other brands.

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We stock our own packaging for the Private Label items. All of our packaging is bought by pallets in order to give our clients the best pricing of the private label items. If you would like to use your own unique bottles, we’d be happy to work with you.

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All products are made using the best ingredients from certified suppliers. Not tested on Animals.


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