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Our Products are handmade, and poured in small batches from all natural, organic, kosher, and/or food grade ingredients. Most importantly our products are FREE of Sodium Lauryl Sulphates, Parabens, and Petro Chemicals! 

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Private Label

We’d be happy to assist you in your private label needs. We specialize in Waxes and Oils, most commonly; Beard Balm and Beard Oil. Being a small business allows us to be able to work with all clients through each stage of development. We embrace the small business culture as we are more personable and accommodating for our clients.

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First Element is your source for Natural Products.

Whether you're looking to shop now or build your own brand.

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Beard Oil

Our Beard Oil penetrates deep down and moisturizes the hair and the skin under the beard. It helps soften the hair which can help reduce the itchy feeling. Conditioning the hair is essential for healthy beard growth.

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Amazing Spot Treatment

Soothing Skin Salvation Balm

"My son suffers with severe eczema and the worst hit area is his face, lips and chin. We have tried many products and we finally found success with the Soothing Skin Salvation Balm! We apply it 2-3 times a day after a flare up which is usually after extended time out in the cold. We see significant improvement daily and by day 3 the redness and soreness is virtually gone. Amazing results · Professional products · Beautiful results"

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A Simple Private Label Process

Our Mission is to help make your Mens Grooming Brand a successful one! We know and understand that the process of starting a new brand can be daunting! That's why we have created an easy process and we will always do our best to accommodate any special requests you may have. Whether you’re starting a new brand to sell on Amazon or a Barbershop looking to sell your own brand, First Element will help you get off the ground!

A Simple Private Label Process

Step 1 - Inquire & Sample

First Element’s Private Label Beard Care is the perfect opportunity to change the face of your business, literally! If you’re interested in starting your own brand, inquire today! Order samples and start testing our products!

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STEP 2 – Branding & Packaging

After you've tested the product, your next step is to decide on the branding and direction of your product line. Do you need assistance developing your brand? We can assist you in the label development. You may want to use our labelling structure and apply your logo to it, or we can assist with creating a new label.

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STEP 3 – Order & Production

Once you’re ready to begin your Private Label Beard Care, place your order via Purchase Order or direct email. We’ll confirm the order and begin manufacturing. All orders are made fresh upon order. We hand make our products using the finest ingredients to ensure your clients beards and/or moustaches are well maintained and nourished! General turnaround time for orders is 7-14 business days. Inquire for production deposit fees.


Tattoo Aftercare

Early care to your tattooed skin is paramount to how your tattoo will look in years to come, so treat it right!

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