Who is First Element?

Our Mission is to help make a difference in the world one step at a time.  If we adopt an eco-conscious way of life and supply others with the ability to make the same steps, our world will become a better place.   Making a difference in the world means a lot to us, and our customer’s satisfaction means just as much!  So we vow to continually evaluate our products and the ingredients used to ensure that we offer the highest-quality and most cost-effective natural alternative products, while maintaining sustainability.

Helping consumers make eco-conscious purchases to make a better world for you and me.

About Us

First Element was created and founded by Jamie Comber. Jamie was introduced to the ecological way of life and natural products by working at a company called OnlyGreen. At OnlyGreen, Jamie ran the manufacturing department where he worked with third party companies and biochemists learning the in’s and out’s of producing natural products. It was there that Jamie found his passion and niche. When OnlyGreen decided to close its operations, Jamie was left with a special skill set and a desire to make a difference. After hearing the voices of upset customers asking for someone to step up and recreate a product that was truly safe and high of quality, Jamie decided to answer the call.

First Element’s first product was designed and developed as a private label product used in crossfit athletics. www.riptskinsystems.com Check out their website and facebook page for reviews and to purchase the product. It’s a wonderful product used to keep your hands hydrated and protected from outside elements.