Custom Private Label Formulations


Custom formulations during September - December are suspended until the Christmas Sales season has ended. 

Whether you have your own formulation or want to tweak our stock formulation to create something just a little bit different from the competition, we can help you! Costing is not guaranteed to be the same as our stock formulation. All oils have different costs, so costing will be determined from your custom formulation. **Please note that we do not offer custom product formulation creation for fully new products. We either adjust our formulation or use yours to create the products.

If we are tweaking our formulation or substituting an ingredient. We will make the product to match our consistency. Once an agreed upon formulation is finalized. We’ll create a sample batch and send for approval. There will be a fee for a custom sampling and the costing for samples will depend on what is needed for the custom ingredient and production.

For the case of a full custom formulation, we would first start with a Non-disclosure agreement. Once the NDA is signed by both parties you would share the formulation or the requested tweaked ingredients with us so we can build out a costing analysis. Once the costing is figured out, we would send the details for approval.

Next phase would be creating samples there would be a cost associated to the samples. This cost would be determined on the formulation and what was required to bring in for new ingredients to create the samples. Once the samples are approved, we move into Branding and Labelling.

Our full custom formulation process breakdown; (this process is forever building and expanding to help our clients)

  1. Non-Disclosure Agreement signed by both parties.
  2. Formulation is shared so we can build a costing analysis.
  3. Ingredient list and supplier list created and supplied by client. We need to ensure quality of the ingredients and see if they are the same as our suppliers. If required, we may need to get samples of the ingredients to ensure the quality is the same. Costing of new ingredients would be calculated and billed as part of the Custom Formulation Creation.
  4. Product Samples required for Benchmarking. We need to ensure that quality is met and that the finalized product meets the expectations etc.
  5. Custom Formulation Creation cost is created and billed
  6. Ingredients are ordered for sample making.
  7. Production of samples.
  8. Shipping of samples. Shipping can take 1-5 business days, based on the client’s location.
  9. Client testing phase.
  10. Adjustment phase. If adjustments are needed; notes taken, formulation adjusted and phases 7-9 are repeated.
  11. Client signs off and approves the final product for mass production.

Please note that custom formulations will take a while to get started and approved as there are many steps in the process of approving a product for production. Time frames can differ from client to client based on the requirements of the formulation.