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Our Mission is to help make a difference in the world one step at a time.  If we adopt an eco-conscious way of life and supply others with the ability to make the same steps, our world will become a better place.   Making a difference in the world means a lot to us, and our customer’s satisfaction means just as much!  So we vow to continually evaluate our products and the ingredients used to ensure that we offer the highest-quality and most cost-effective natural alternative products, while maintaining sustainability.

Helping consumers make eco-conscious purchases to make a better world for you and me.

Education is key in understanding what we are putting on our bodies and using to clean our homes. We all have loved ones and our decisions may affect others. Is it time to make the switch to Natural Green Products? Understand whats in your products and what it does. We have made a Top 10 ingredients to Avoid list, check your household for these ingredients! 

If your making the switch to Green Products then buy with First Element and save!

About Our Products

Want to know more about Our Product Lines? Check out our page with some detailed information about each section. View our Product Knowledge Guide!

About Our Ingredients

At First Element, we think there is something magical about nature. We seek to capture that magic in each of our luxurious handmade, natural personal care and household care items.  We only use the finest natural ingredients that are available from around the world.

This Natural Ingredients Glossary is a valuable reference to understand the definitions, descriptions and benefits of our natural ingredients.

We have also included the Cosmetic Database Ranking for each ingredient! For more information about the EWG website click here.

Learn about our ingredients here!

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