Beard Care Combo

Beard Care Combo

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If you’re interested in starting your own brand, this is where you'll start! Order samples of our Beard Care Items and start testing today! 

Beard Oil Sample Kit includes;

  • 1 - 30ml Beard Oil - Amber Glass Bottle with a Glass Pipette Dropper. (unscented unless otherwise requested in notes for another)
  • 6 - 10ml Beard Oils - Tester Bottles - Amber Glass Bottles with a Dropper.
  • 1 - 2oz Beard Balm - Metal Screw Top Tin (unscented unless otherwise requested in notes for another)

Please note that if you request an item in the natural line. You will get all the scents in the 10ml from that natural line. Vice Versa, If you choose something from the Fragrance Line. Please Note: you can customize the 6 10ml bottles of oils if you want to mix the scents up. Please make a note in the order. If you would like to test a full kit please see this listing: HERE

Natural Line:

Cedarwood, Orange Cedar, Fresh Winter, Bay Rum, Coconut, Vanilla Coffee, Unscented.

Fragrance Line:

Vanilla Tobacco, Cherry Tobacco, Cognac Cubans, Classic Barbershop, Sandalwood Bourbon, Amber Sandalwood, Bamboo. 

Please make a note on what scent you want in the full sized bottles. If no note is made we will send Unscented. 

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