The Best Tattoo Aftercare Instructions

Tattoo Aftercare instructions


1. Wash your hands! Remove your bandage within 3-6 hours. You want the tattoo to remain moist and protected for as long as possible. If the bandage does stick, soak the bandage in lukewarm water and gently remove it.
2. Wash your Hands! As soon as you remove the bandage you must wash the tattoo thoroughly. With your hand use warm water and a gentle cleanser to wash your tattoo. Avoid rough hand towels and products that will dry out your skin. Keep clear of dirt and debris, keep it clean.
3. Pat dry using a paper towel or clean hand towel. Allow to air dry.
4. Apply a small amount of Tattoo Balm & gentle massage it into your skin. Tattoo Balm will moisturize, soothe, and help aid in the healing process.
5. Do not re-cover your tattoo. Let it breathe! Yes that means don’t use petroleum products that clog the pores!
6. Apply Tattoo Balm at least 3-4 times a day to keep the skin supple and moisturized. Do not allow your skin to dry out.


1. Don’t wear clothes that will rub or chafe your skin.
2. Don’t soak your skin in water for the first four weeks. i.e. Swimming, sauna, water sports. Showering is okay.
3. Never scratch or pick your Tattoo.
4. The sun is the greatest enemy of all tattoo colours and will do more damage fading them than anything else you do. Don’t expose your tattoo to the sun or sunbeds. When fully healed apply a high factor 30 – 50 sunscreen to protect your tattoo colours.
5. Avoid strenuous activities that will stretch your skin during the healing process.

Please be advised, if your tattoo is not healing normally and if infection occurs, consult a physician immediately.