Things You Can Do Right Now to Prevent Winter Beard Damage

Things You Can Do Right Now to Prevent Winter Beard Damage

The Winter months can be harsh on your skin and hair. Protect your Beard today with a deep moisturizing conditioning treatment with Beard Oil or Beard Balm. This will help to replenish the moisture, which tends to get depleted from things such as the dry heat in your homes and the cold winter air.  

7 Steps to Protect your Beard in Winter

1. Shampoo less often in the winter to help with drying out your hair. 
Shampooing strips moisture from the scalp and hair, so wash strands every other day.

2. Use an oil-based moisturizer to lock in extra moisture. Using a Beard Oil and/or Beard Balm on a daily basis in the winter will help your beard stay moisturized and healthy. Your beard will feel dry and brittle if you don't take care of it. The lack of moisture in winter not only dries out your skin and makes your beard hair frizzy, but also leaves your beard looking dull and lifeless. Comb out your hair with a wide-toothed wooden comb with an Oil and/or Balm.

3. Avoid going outside in the cold with wet hair. In places with below freezing temperatures wet hair could actually freeze and break. 

4. Invest in a humidifier. When you have the heat on, the air in your home becomes very dry and a humidifier helps stop your hair and skin from feeling as dry.

5. Avoid long hot showers during winter. A long, boiling-hot shower might feel great on a cold day, but stick to warm or lukewarm water for 5 minutes or less. Long exposure to hot water can strip moisture from hair and skin.

6. Stay hydrated. Your body needs hydration all the time no matter what the season. Eating a healthy diet full of vitamins is the best way to keep your hair and skin looking and feeling healthy. Drink plenty of water to keep your hair, scalp, and skin hydrated.

7. Trim your Beard regularly.  Keeping your beard trimmed during harsh winter months is a great idea for maintaining health and growth. 

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