Soothing Skin Salvation – Re-thinking Healthy Skin

Soothing Skin Salvation – Re-thinking Healthy Skin

Our skin is delicate, sensitive and we only have one shot at taking the best care of it! Sometimes life happens. We accidentally burn it in the hot Summer sun, we allow it to dry out, we use cheap and convenient chemical filled soaps and lotions that are harsh on our skin, we tan it under UV rays, we submerge it daily in soap filled sinks. Our skin takes a beating! In any season.

Why is it important to apply a safe and all-natural ingredient on our skin? We will tell you!

Chemical-based skin care products do offer benefits, but they come with side effects. If you use them, you are actually exposing your sensitive skin to pollution and toxicities, corrosive chemicals and harmful colours. So, the products you use in order to benefit your skin are actually harming your skin. Avoid skin breakouts and these irritations by using a safe and all-natural soothing skin salvation.

Your skin needs regular moisturizing with the best all-natural products out there. It is crucial to use only 100% all-natural products that constitute organic plant extracts and are without chemicals and toxic compounds. Unsafe chemical filled products cause a lot of side effects that can lead to allergic reactions, and skin rashes.

What is Skin Salvation and what can it do for me?

This is a thick and rich formula that soothes and protects any area of the skin. Leaving even the driest, most distressed skin types nourished. Using the best natural and food grade ingredients. Non-Toxic – Carcinogen, and Paraben Free, Vegetable-based and biodegradable. No Fragrance Oils used only 100% Essential Oils used to produce a fresh scent!

First Element’s Soothing Skin Salvation also has some wonderful healing benefits for use on eczema, rashes, burns and see for yourself below…breakouts! The results are AMAZING. Application was given twice a day for 5 days.

Day 1 & Day 5

We all have a health journey. Whether it is to start exercising, eating better, or taking the best care of your skin. Start with something simple, using the most simply and purest ingredients on your skin. Soothing Skin Salvation is an amazing new product that aids in healing minor burns, eczema, rosacea, breakouts, rashes, dry patches, everyday use and MORE!

Ditch the chemical filled lotions and soaps and start using Soothing Skin Salvation today!

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