Should I use Beard Oil or Beard Balm?

This is a very common question that we receive, whether in everyday sales or our Private Label Beard Care program. While both of our products are great moisturizers, each have a purpose and different application. 

A Beard Oil acts as a moisturizing and conditioning agent that helps stimulate beard growth. An oil absorbs easily and penetrates deep down and nourishes the hair and the skin under the beard, which will help soften the beard hair better. Having healthy skin is essential for a healthy looking beard. 

A Beard Balm is generally used on longer beards as a moisturizer and styling agent. Essentially it is used to add moisture while defining and shaping beards. Using a beard balm will help make your beard appear thicker and healthier. A wax barrier will also help lock in the moisture and protect your hair from the elements. The thicker or harder the balm, the more shape and hold it will deliver. 

So, while both an Oil and Balm can nourish the hairs, oil is essentially used for softening the beard hair and hydrating the skin, and a balm is used for styling and protecting the hairs from the elements and dehydration.