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It’s the perfect time to sell your own branding of Beard Care and/or Tattoo Aftercare! In this era, it is simpler than ever to make a brand for yourself. White labelling has become one of the most popular ways to start off any new business venture.

In this guide we will talk about what white labelling really is, the benefits, and how to get involved.

What is Private Label?

Private Label is the process of taking a generic stocked product, usually one that is mass produced, and altering it slightly with your own branding/logo.

We have options for all private labellers; we offer a stocked formula, as a quick-start solution for brands to get off the ground quickly. It’s fast to take a mass-produced product and slap a new fancy sticker on it, thus making it your own. This is alluring for new business owners who don’t want to risk manufacturing products themselves, or who wish to get their foot in the door and test the waters with their branding.

For seasoned Private Labellers, we also offer customization to our stocked formulations. This involves more collaboration with the client in making the formulation more customized to suit their needs. Example is adding an ingredient or substituting an ingredient. This makes the product different and more of a one of a kind product. Higher minimums come with customization. 

Main difference in stocked and customization will be timelines. Stocked formulations will have a quick turnaround time and customization can take a lot longer to get started. Stocked Private Label can take days to get started and customization can take weeks to months depending on the test batches and branding. 

What are the benefits of Private Label?

Private labelling is one of the quickest ways to get a product into the market. Adding your own touch via branding and logo, is really all you need to do on your own to get started. 

Benefits of Private Labelling First Element's Beard Care and Tattoo Aftercare items;

  1. Quick way to get a Brand to market. We offer multiple services to allow assistance in building the brand and getting your product to market quicker.
  2. Lower Minimum Orders to keep your start up costs lower. 
  3. Affordable Private Label costs. 
  4. Premium Products.
  5. Stocked Product turnaround times 1-5 business days. Always have stock on hand! Never be stocked out. 

Private labelling may be the right option for you if:

  • You wish to sell products into the Beard/Tattoo market and quickly.
  • Own a Barbershop and/or Tattoo Shop and want to sell items to your loyal customers for higher profits. 
  • Want low startup costs, and less risk.
  • Don’t want to manufacture products yourself. Spend more time focused on Marketing and Selling.

Are there risks in Private Labelling?

Overall, Private labelling is safe and low risk, but it all depends on how well you do your research. There is always a little risk involved when starting any business, so be weary when choosing any suppliers, or manufacturers, and always be knowledgeable when it comes to legal matters. Make sure that the white label products you go with, are ones that you can proudly stand by and support.

To sell products you must like and believe in them. The more like and know about the products and ingredients the better you can sell them. Nobody wants to sell a product they aren't satisfied in. So make sure that you do your due diligence and research brands and test them out. 

It’s always best to be honest and transparent with your customers about your product, so they can trust you and your company.

Some factors and tips to consider to lower your risks:

  • Is your supplier reputable and trust worthy?
  • Are the products good quality?
  • Are there any region-based laws that I need to follow?
  • Who is your target market?
  • Do you have good branding for target market? Branding and label quality can be the difference in selling products. 
  • How will you sell the goods? Amazon, Wholesale, online store? Get to know each sales channel and what is needed to sell on it. 
  • How will you market the goods? This is forgotten all too much. Save and budget for marketing the goods. 
  • Research your website provider and understand how to adjust your Meta tags and descriptions. It's one thing to build a website vs building a website that people can find via search. This is a common issue, a lot of people expect a website and a lot of traffic once they go live. But if you don't put the proper work into the site and add meta descriptions, tags etc people will not find you. The famous quote "If you Build it, He will Come" doesn't apply here - you need to build it right and then over time and adding content people will start to come. It's a process, so research is important here.  

How do you start with First Element?

There are a few simple steps you can take to get started.

  1. Decide what type of product you want to sell.
  2. Contact us! You'll want to start by contacting us and sampling the products.
  3. Pick the scents you like the best. Again, if you love the product it's easier to sell it. 
  4. Decide and develop your branding. Create your brand, logo, and other marketing ideas for your product. Website Development is also done during this process. 
  5. Decide how much inventory you want to start with.
  6. Order Product and Start Selling!

With private labelling, you don’t have to be an expert brand creator, or business owner. If private labelling is right for you, contact us today!  Leave the manufacturing to us while you concentrate on marketing and sales and getting your brand name out there and into the hands of eager customers!

Starting your business doesn't need to be hard, we are here to help in the process. You may be ready to start making your own merchandise sooner than you think, all through white labels.

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