Scents - They are not for everyone!

Scents - They are not for everyone!

Great information for our Beard Care Private Labellers!

The number one complaint a beard care business will get from a consumer is they don't like the scent. We always recommend having an unscented version of the product! You might love a scent, but your customer might not.

All our scents are scented with pure Essential Oils or Fragrance Oils.  Our beard oils scents, while very appealing to me and many others, may not be so pleasing to some consumers. Each individual senses and reacts to scents differently as we are all unique. 

With that being said, each individual has a different chemistry and oils can have a different scent based on an individuals body chemistry. Example, sometimes you hear a person complain about a scent of an oil and how after a period of time, they smell a metal like substance. Metal doesn’t have a scent – its a chemical reaction with the body chemistry of that person. So it's not always that a product smells terrible, it may just react differently to their body chemistry.

Don't be offended if someone doesn't like your scent, because everyone is unique and likes different things. Simply offer them an other alternative!

A great way to get people to try new scents is offering a sampling kit


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