What are Essential Oils and why they're in our Private Label Beard Care line

At First Element, we use Essential Oils to naturally add scent to our Beard Oil and Beard Balm products. Essential oils are concentrated liquids that contain the strong aroma compounds of various plants. They are typically extracted from the plant through distillation and give a highly fragrant scent if their pure form. They are taken from various parts of the plant, including flower petals, leaves, twigs, bark or skin of a fruit from the plant. Depending on the scent and the plant that they come from, different oils are used to serve different purposes. Each oil features its own distinct qualities and aromas, and frequently used in conjunction with others to create a specific result, such as citrus and peppermint may be uplifting where lavender can be soothing. 

At First Element, we are proud to offer a pure essential oil scented line in our Private Label Beard Care Program. Click the link below to see our Natural Scented line. We also offer an unnatural line scented with Fragrant oils for those that wish to try other scents.