Private Label Foaming Beard Wash!

Foaming Beard Wash

We had a high demand for this type of product to be added to our Beard Care Private Label line, so we thought it was about time to officially launch it. 

To help serve our clients requests we have developed two formulations for our Foaming Beard Wash. We have an all-natural Foaming Beard Wash and a non-natural (Synthetic Version).

Our Premium Beard Wash is made with the finest ingredients to sooth, moisturize, and clean your beard with healthy hair and skin in mind. While cleaning your beard is essential, so is not stripping the hair of all its nutrients. That is why we use a gentle cleanser packed with Aloe Vera, Dead Sea Salts, Vitamin B5, Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, and Jojoba Protein. 

A little information about some of the ingredients;

Dead sea salt contains a high volume of rich minerals. The sodium and sulfur in Dead Sea salt can help rid your scalp/beard of embarrassing dandruff. The other minerals in dead sea salt can also nourish the hair follicles.

Aloe vera contains vitamins A, C, and E. All of these vitamins contribute to promoting healthy cell growth and shiny hair. Aloe is known to be; a great healing agent, calms itchy skin, promotes healthy skin, strengthens and repairs hair strands. 

Jojoba Protein is highly effective to repair and condition damaged hair, as it forms a film on the hair and retains moisture.

What is the difference from All-Natural vs the Synthetic Version?

The main difference in the two formulations, is that the synthetic version has ingredients designed to give a smoother foam and aid in the superior wet combing of the beard.  

The scent line for our wash include;

  • Cedarwood - Natural Essential Oil Blend (most popular of our natural line)
  • Bright & Fresh -  Natural Essential Oil Blend (Only available in our wash)
  • Cooling Mint -  Natural Essential Oil Blend (Only available in our wash)
  • Lemon Orange -  Natural Essential Oil Blend (Only available in our wash)
  • Unscented - No scent - Just the characteristic scent of the ingredients used. 
  • Bamboo Teak - Fragrant Oil - A cooling and refreshing scent.
  • Sandalwood Bourbon -  Fragrant Oil - (most popular of our fragrant line)


Interested in adding this to your brands product line? Contact us today! 

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